Frederick Birth Center offers full maternity care: pre-conception, birth, post-partum, and well-woman care. Come visit us during our meet and greets offered twice a month to help answer your questions, or call us to schedule a tour.


Preparing for your birth

Frederick Birth Center believes that healthy families start with education every step of the way, developing trusting relationships, and empowering you to take control of your health care decisions.

One of the ways we help to educate our families is through classes. We have classes to fit the needs of each individual family. Some of the classes we offer include: early pregnancy series, sibling’s series, labor preparation series, and an early home preparation class. Call us for more information about our classes!

Visits with your midwife are to ensure the health of you and your baby. Each visit is an opportunity for you and your family to develop a trusting relationship with your midwife and learn how to prepare for giving birth. We focus on education, spend time answering your questions and concerns, and help you make decisions about your care. We provide different tests throughout your pregnancy. After a thorough discussion with your midwife about a given topic, you can then make the best decision for you and your baby.

An early pregnancy confirmation and gestational age ultrasound is available if your due date is uncertain. In addition, a 20-week ultrasound to look at the baby’s development may be requested. Ultrasounds will be ordered for you by your midwife and performed at a clinic of your choice.

Various labs are offered throughout your pregnancy. Some of these include prenatal panel, genetic screenings, and gestational diabetes screenings can be drawn at the birth center or at a lab of your choice.

Children, friends and anyone else you would like with you at your prenatal visits are welcome. Enjoy a stress-free visit and make yourself at home..


Birth experience

FBC is equipped with three birth rooms. Each room has a private bathroom with  a walk-in shower and an oversized birth tub for labor support and water birth.

Eating and drinking during labor is encouraged.

Intermittent fetal monitoring is available and allows for movement and changing positions during labor.

Music, lighting, birth balls, and essential oil diffusors may be used to enhance your birth experience.

FBC welcomes family and friends. They can relax in our living room, kitchen area, and if invited into the room they may be present at the birth.

FBC will support skin to skin, delayed cord clamping, and breast feeding within the first hour.



Post-partum care

An FBC provider will provide a home visit within 48 hours after your birth for physical assessments, to provide breastfeeding support, to perform screenings and to educate for prevention and continued health and transition of the parent and baby.

Follow-up visits with the midwife are scheduled in the office up to six weeks postpartum.