Pregnancy: Benefits of Pool Time


Pregnancy: Benefits of Pool Time

Water and Pregnancy: Benefits of Pool Time

     We are naturally drawn to water. It can be the best part of our self-care routine. During pregnancy water brings a different dynamic to a woman’s growing body, allowing the increased buoyancy to improve opportunities for low impact cardio, offers alternatives to improve fetal positioning, and decreases pain.

     Getting enough exercise during pregnancy not only protects your health, but can reduce back pain by strengthening the muscles surrounding the pelvic girdle, reduce swelling and improve time spent in labor. As summer warms up, getting adequate exercise can be challenging. Taking your work out to the pool not only cools you down, but gives your body the freedom to move without the weight of gravity affecting your joints. Swimming laps, walking in the shallow end, and aquatic classes can be great ways to utilize your local pool and knock out your workout. An effective workout can take as little as twenty minutes, giving you the rest of the day to relax and enjoy the water.

     Being in the pool gives the added bonus of being able to move easily and fluidly. Including exercise as a part of your daily routine helps to release endorphins that make you feel good, reduces stress, and helps you to sleep.

     Making your time in the pool a meditative practice can be a great tool for labor. Associating water with relaxation can help the body relax during birth. The buoyancy from being in water can decrease the pain of sciatica, round ligaments, and joints. By just floating in water circulation improves and decreases swelling. Immersion in cool and warm water is a great way to relieve stress and can easily be added to a daily self-care routine.

     Warm water is used during labor in a shower, bath, or birth pool.  This water helps to relax, soothe and support the perineum during childbirth.  It also helps a woman change position without difficulty during labor. Try out different positions when you are in the pool this summer to see what feels good to you.

     Please remember to always take a drink (water or electrolyte beverage) with you to the poolside to stay hydrated.

     Enjoy the pool this summer and year-round!

     Share with us your experiences with water while pregnant. What water activities did you do? How did water make you feel when pregnant?  

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