Our Billing Services

Frederick Birth Center has teamed with Innovation Billing Service, Inc. (IBSI) to provide you with accurate filing, follow up, appealing, and tracking of your claims, as well as to answer your billing questions. Email us at info@frederickbirthcenter.com and request assistance with your insurance coverage.

We are currently in the process of becoming an in-network provider with many carriers.  In some cases we will still be considered out-of-network with your insurance. If that is the case IBSI will attempt to obtain an exception from your insurance to have your care covered at the in-network rate.  If IBSI is unable to obtain an exception, you may have the option to utilize out-of-network benefits for care with us. 

*We are currently in network with CIGNA

Please contact FBC dedicated account care coordinator, Paula King at 978-289-4183 (Direct line) or 978-544-3551 (main line) for any of your insurance questions. Or visit IBSI at www.innovationbilling.com

Verify Your Coverage

Contact us and we will send you a tool to help you request an in-network gap exception. This would be done prior to scheduling your  initial visit.   

Otherwise, check if FBC is in-network with your insurance. Please contact your insurance provider prior to your first appointment to confirm that you have:

  • Maternity coverage

  • Coverage for Certified Nurse-Midwives

  • Coverage for care provided at a free-standing birth center.

After your first visit, IBSI will verify your insurance coverage and benefits.  At your second visit, we will provide you with your verification of benefits and our financial contract to discuss with you. Once we have received your verification of benefits we provide you with a payment plan including:

  • Your estimated out-of-pocket expenses

  • The amount you can expect your insurance provider to cover

  • The dates payments will be due

Self-Pay Clients

We offer “Early Pay Discount” if you pay in full by the 28th week of pregnancy.  We will help set up a payment plan that works for you.  Please contact us today about starting care!

Self-pay fees, deductibles, cost share, co-pays, and expected out-of-pocket fees are due by the end of the 34th week of pregnancy.

Due Dates for Payments

Birth centers across the United States are covered by most insurers.  There is a substantial advantage for insurance carriers to cover birth center births.

  • Due to the low intervention of midwifery care, and the women who are cared for are low risk, the cost is far less than hospital births.

  • A recent study of birth centers nationwide showed a cesarean section rate of 6%. Maryland has a C-section rate higher than the national average of 32%. Birth center births lowers the insurer's risk of the higher cost associated with surgery and longer hospital stays.

Advantage of Birth Center Care